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International Summer Enrichment Experience at Queen’s (iSEEQ)

For grade 8-11 international English speaking students

The International Summer Enrichment Experience at Queen’s program (iSEEQ) is designed for academically strong international English speaking students who are looking for a chance to explore a topic of their interest in a Canadian setting, while getting to experience life as a university student, and meeting other bright students from across Canada and around the world.

Welcome to iSEEQ

Welcome to the Home Page for ESU’s International Summer Enrichment Experience at Queen’s program, known as iSEEQ. On these pages, you will find everything you need to know about iSEEQ, our two-week exploration of academic programs combined with social activities and a chance to experience university life during the beautiful summer in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. You may also be interested in surfing through our website to find out more About ESU or finding out about the other Programs offered by ESU.

The iSEEQ Program

iSEEQ is a new program that we are launching in the summer of 2014. It builds on our 27 years of experience offering quality university enrichment programs. Three years ago we developed the Summer Enrichment Experience at Queen’s, or SEEQ. In 2013, we expanded the program from one week to offer it for two weeks. As a result, we attracted international students from Hong King, China, Nigeria, Mexico and the US who stayed for both weeks. The experience was positive, and we decided to take the opportunity to more fully develop an excellent academic university experience designed especially for international students, and thus, we are pleased to introduce iSEEQ.

iSEEQ runs for 13 days in August, and is it offers students a chance to explore two academic topics (one each week),

while experiencing university life at one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. iSEEQ offers weekly courses for highly motivated and bright students who have completed grades 7 through 10 (i.e. will be entering grades 8 to 11 in September). Students will choose courses of interest that will be explored in depth using state of the art facilities, labs and equipment on campus, and instructed by graduate and professional students, supported by university faculty members. Students live in a modern student residence building on campus, and eat meals in the dining halls together. As well as academic studies during the day, students participate in extracurricular activities in the evenings, and get to experience university life at Queen’s. Along with meeting international students from around the world, iSEEQ students will meet dozens of Canadian students who attend our one-week SEEQ program, further immersing them in the Canadian experience and building lasting friendships and future colleagues.

Join Us! August 10 to 21, 2014

The iSEEQ program runs from Saturday, August 8, 2015 (arrival) to Saturday, August 22, 2015 (departure). Much more information is available through the links below.

Attend iSEEQ this summer to explore interesting courses, to experience a glimpse of university life, and to make new friends from across Canada and around the globe.


Quick Links

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