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Inspire yourself to Go Beyond and try Queen’s for a week!


Taking time away from school is a rewarding experience when students return to school with a new energy and excitement for learning.  ESU provides an inclusive environment where students can see into their future and discover new ideas.  Our summer programs provide a great opportunity for students to experience ESU programs outside of a busy school schedule.

Spring and summer programs encourage students to explore their interests and passions in a university environment. Whether a student wants to enhance their school curriculum requirements, learn a new skill or experience all that Queens has to offer our programs have enrichment for everyone.

30 years of youth enrichment at Queen’s University!


Elementary Programs for Grades 7-8

High School Programs for Grades 9-12

Summer Programs for Grades 7-12

Partner Programs

Build a Field Trip to ESU

Teacher Enrichment Programs

Adult Learning Programs

“I have Queen’s to thank for lifelong friendships, helping me decide what I want to do with my life, and giving me a home away from home. I plan to apply for Queen’s when I’m applying for post-secondary.”

-EMC Student, 2015


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