Financial Aid & Awards

The Enrichment Studies Unit aims to provide support for students who require financial assistance. All funding is subject to availability.

Enrichment Studies Student Tuition Bursary

The Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) at Queen’s University is pleased to be able to provide financial support for students wishing to attend enrichment programs offered by ESU during the Spring. Financial support is provided through the Enrichment Studies Student Bursary Fund. Bursaries cover the cost of the program registration in full or in part, but do not include any funding for travel, personal expenses or other unrelated costs. Limited funds available. ESU may not be able to award a bursary all deserving applicants.

Bell Canada Award

Secondary schools with students attending the EMC or SEEQ programs are eligible to submit one nomination from their students for the Bell Canada Award. This award, established through a generous endowment by Bell Canada, is based on academic performance, community involvement, leadership and extra-curricular activity. The student will be publicly recognized at the EMC or SEEQ Welcome Rally on the first night of the program, and will receive a financial award.

Bell Canada Travel Bursary

The Bell Canada Travel Bursary Award was established through a gift from Bell Canada and is awarded annually to select students participating in the EMC or SEEQ Program, who are traveling from distant or remote areas within Canada.

A limited number of bursaries are available. Award recipients will receive a cheque for up to $250 towards their EMC or SEEQ travel expenses.

Other Potential Funding Opportunities

The letter of support can be used to accompany applications for other funding opportunities: