P.A. Day Programs

For Grades 7 – 12

Program overview

Queen’s University graduate and accomplished undergraduate students will be your guides as we learn and explore the most timely and relevant academic topics shaping our world today. Full-day Synchronous virtual programs on PA Days scheduled by the School Boards from across Ontario. Computer science, Indigenous Studies, Artificial Intelligence, Commerce & Innovation, and more! Students receive a certificate of participation. Grades 7 through 12 3+ hours of live lectures and activities with instructors and Queen’s ESU Staff 3+ hours of self-study and self-directed learning.

Virtual Option – Web Development Intensive
A unique 1-day virtual course where students will learn from one of Queen’s
University’s most accomplished scholars of Computer Science and PhD
Candidate; Maram Assi. Explore the fundamentals of Web Development with
HTML, CSS3, JavaScript & more.

$110 per student per Session.

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  • February 18, 2022 | Web Development Intensive
  • More Dates Coming Soon

Program Highlights

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Students study an interesting topic during a P.A. Day

Academic Courses

A fast in depth program virtual program

Classroom Time

8 hours of classroom instruction

Taught by Queen's Experts

Courses taught by Queen’s students, faculty & community professionals

Connect with Peers

Learn and connect with like-minded peers

Classroom Time

Mentorship by Queen’s students


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Web Development Intensive - Course Overview

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ESU Policies

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