Summer 2021 Online Courses

This summer, excite your curiosity with online 5-day summer courses in a range of topics, including engineering, biology, psychology, politics, creative writing and more! Explore your passions or learn a new skill in a collaborative digital university setting. Students learn independently with 15 hours of content per course on Queen's University's dedicated learning management system, OnQ.

Courses work around your part-time job, summer day camp or sports activities, so you can enjoy your summer and learn with Queen's!

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Five Six Enrichment Days (FSED) - $219 for 3 three-hour workshops

For Grades 5 - 6

August 3rd- 5th, 2021

Includes all 3 courses below:


Students will have the opportunity to build positive connections with current undergraduate students and experience the Queen’s Community with access to 6 weeks of virtual activities, games and more during the summer break.

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